Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Legal Clinic Mail Sabotaged by Gov't After NWA Profiling Attack

For My Main Web Site With Video of The NWA Attack Upon My Family and I SEE: and

Legal mail sabotaged as extension to Northwest Airlin
es profiling attack FBI targeting. Scanned in evidence of legal mail sabotage below:

Perhaps Maura Green CEO of Canada Post would like to explain why I often need not open my own mail of late...they open it for me.

Legal Mail From African Can. Legal Clinic Intercepted And Removed By FBI/NSA/Gov't: It arrived ripped open with its contents removed and missing in the sealed plastic envelope labeled "we apologize for this incident" as seen in the accompanying photos. Having Spoken with Colin Brown of the African Canadian Legal Clinic (416 214 4747 ext33) he and I discussed the fact that my line is tapped illegally and that in order not to give the prosecution any more insight as to how we had revealed the police's lies, we should talk by means other than my line. The constant clicking on my line and then the voice mail deletions off of the phone services of anyone who had phone interaction with me in the context of the case, also incurring subsequent phone line clicking of their own was evidence enough that my line had been tapped. Not surprising- FBI agent Mark Rensch had already been caught outside my home doing illegal surveillance- they were surveillancing me in any they saw fit- this much was clear. The letter didn't make it to me... We had discussed sending it on my tapped line, the conversation was monitored and the letter arrived in my mail box with the contents ripped open and missing as in the photos herein:

UPDATE! OCT. 4/06: NOW THEY ARE TRYING TO SABOTAGE MY LONG DISTANCE PHONE CONTACTS: Family and I have noticed I am no longer receiving my long distance Rogers phone bills in the mail. Of course the tactic in this obvious continued sabotage of my mail is to see to it that my long distance phone account is cut off due to non-payment of bills.

UPDATE #2: Oct.26/06: My Long Distance Rogers Bill Mail Sabotaged- I Received it just this morning already ripped open having been reviewed illegally en route before I received it. This was a long distance call record indicating all of my long distance calls since Aug 23/06. This constitutes more illegal surveillance on their part in keeping with taping my phone line, sabotaging legal mail,

Many instances of my mail being opened have now been recorded. They are so pervasive I have not recorded all of them here.
ANOTHER EXAMPLE: MARCH 12/08 (about incident #40 of intercepted mail now) They have a habit of intrusion upon my phone mail we have noticed, as an obvious extension of their mechanisms of covert surveillance.

Many have now written government agencies including the Prime Minister, the RCMP Commission, the Minister of Public Safety as have we
(see also: "Making Government Accountable-click here" - this has been their response- MORE PERSECUTION ONGOING!- I have also recently been threatened again with abduction by an individual claiming to be a representative of 75 F.B.I. agents and one U.S. marshal working with the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT to see about my 'rendition'- an illegal act given there are no charges against me with which I can be legally 'rendered'. They are colluding towards my abduction!


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